Gambling Should Be Banned

I learnt my lesson when I was about nine years old and we went on a holiday to a seaside resort. They had some machines I don’t know what they are called. You put two pence in and watch it fall down the back of the sliding platform. You watch your two pence coin land on the base where there is a two inch clearing in front of the platform. As the platform slides forward again, it pushes the coin into a thousand other two pence pieces. You then focus your attention to the front edge. The body of coins moves slightly forward but just not enough.

So you try again. Another two pence piece. The same agony of watching it descend, waiting for it to be pushed forward and holding your breath in the hopes that this time some of the coins on the edge will be knocked over and you will have a winnings to collect. But no. You try again…and again. By the time you have spent over a quid, you realize you are going to have to scrounge off one of the adults so you can go and buy a bag of chips to eat on the way home.

It’s all the same. It is all the same and it is an absolute con. One of the worst. It hooks people with the excitement that they are so close to a win. The more they try, the more they believe they must be due a win. They try to ignore their losses, convinced their luck will change.

I detest it all. I think it is one of the cruellest sports there is. Gambling agencies profiteering from people’s longing to change their fortunes. It preys on vices like greed, quick wins of money without putting any work into earning an honest wage, and when there is a winner, there are countless losers who have placed a stake that has gone towards the winning jack pot.

One of the most annoying expressions I hear is people saying they are praying to win the National Lottery. Actually they are praying for millions of others to lose the Lottery. If they are praying they are expecting God to approve of a set up which some people who have very little are addicted to wasting money on a ticket that they think will solve all their problems.

I know I sound a bit strong on this subject, but I know of so many people who have ended up in massive financial trouble because of gambling. Apparently there are regulations on gambling, but it hasn’t stopped people I know from ending up in tens of thousands of pounds of debt. I broke up with one of my girlfriends because she was hooked on going to Bingo. She kept on spending half of her wages and then expecting me or her parents to bail her out.

I hate gambling. It is a drug, an addictive drug. Gambling agencies are predators as far as I am concerned, taking advantage of people’s weaknesses. I could say more, but I will stop there because I am sure you get the idea.

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  1. This really chokes me up Hugh. The house I grew up in – we lost it because of one of my parents who had a gambling addiction. I think you are right. Gambling should be banned. It has ruined so many lives.


    1. Hugh Grant says:

      I am so sorry mate.
      I have known people lose their houses because of gambling debts too. I think gambling agencies are criminals to let that happen to people.

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  2. May More says:

    Great post Hugh
    I can tell you are passionate about this topic. And I agree it is addictive – adrenaline rush that can bring down more than just the individual doing the gambling
    Many thanks for joining in #MoneyMatters


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